The only youth-focused mental health crisis text hotline in the country that is available 24/7, fully anonymous, and staffed by licensed mental health counselors.



How It Works

You will receive a code that is unique to your community.  Then simply text the code and your message to your local text-a-tip phone number.

If you’re not sure of your community code, just use ‘HELLO’. Within minutes, a live mental health counselor will respond to your text.  All messages are sent using SMS number masking technology that keeps the communication and your identifying information completely anonymous. We only know the information you choose to tell us, when you choose to share it.

Who It's For

Text-A-Tip is available for anyone in need of emotional support, at any time.  While the line is intended for teens in crisis situations, you do not need to be in crisis or a teenager to use the service. We encourage you to use Text-A-Tip if you have concerns about a friend or loved one and need support in getting them help.


Our trained clinicians are licensed and prepared to support anyone who texts in. When in doubt, send the text.


Completely Anonymous

All messages are cloaked before being received by our counseling team.  So, your anonymity is protected at all times. The only way  for us to know who is if you tell us.

Fully Licensed Counselors

All of our mental health counselors are fully licensed and are local to your community.  This allows our team to help you through your crisis and to direct you to the resources you’ll need next.

Fast Response

Text-A-Tip will connect you with a caring counselor in minutes, if not seconds who will help you with what ever you are going through. They’ll listen and connect you with local resources.

Why Do People Use Text-A-Tip?

  • Depression/Anxiety 27% 27%
  • Relationship Conflict 17% 17%
  • Substance Abuse 12% 12%
  • Self Harm / Suicide 10% 10%
  • Pressure 10% 10%
  • Bullying 8% 8%
  • Other 19% 19%

Population Served by Text-A-Tip

Target Population Served by 2020



Every Community Needs Text-A-Tip

This innovative and unique service will help you to create a healthier community for your young people and adults.  And, we make it turn-key and affordable for you!

Bring Support to Your Community

About LEAD

We are a drug prevention organization and we believe that young people are capable of making good decisions.  Our programs and events are designed to help parents and teens build healthy relationships and find alternatives to using drugs and alcohol.  LEAD has conducted workshops on the power of social media in prevention work in communities all over the country and at national conferences such as CADCA.  We look forward to working with you!  It’s time for all of us to be part of the solution.