Helping You Help Others


What kind & caring people like you can do when you want to help a friend

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Substance Use Prevention PSA: Helping You Help Others

What kind & caring people like you can do when you want to help a friend.

As seen at CADCA’s 2019 Leadership Forum session "Competing with Snapchat: Seven Coalitions Collaborate on Digital Outreach to Teens" Connecting with teens digitally is the way to go. Technology based interventions are effective in preventing substance abuse disorders.

Tried & Tested PSAs

• 20 PSAs covering marijuana, alcohol, vaping & wellness topics

• Shown at 28 high schools & middle schools in 2017-2018 school year

• Seen by 25,000 students & 30,000+ adults including parents & teachers

• Distributed via 10 digital & non-digital media channels

• A survey of high school freshmen revealed that a majority found the

PSAs believable and motivated them to stay alcohol & drug free

Following Evidence-Based Guidelines

• Fact-based with sources cited

• Both prevention & wellness topics

• Positive choices & behaviors highlighted

• No fear appeals or scare tactics

• Resource, skill, or action step suggested in most PSAs

• Musical background, no audio required

• Duration of approximately 30 seconds each

Developed by Experienced Prevention Staff

• Created by committee of seven DFC coalitions

with 122 years combined prevention experience

• Credentials of creators include Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor,

CADCA Advocate of the Year, PhD in Social Work, and Master Degrees

in Social Work, Nonprofit Management & Education Leadership

• Content guided by input from youth focus groups & surveys

Suggested Distribution Methods

School video announcements, school hallway monitors, cable access, social media (coalitions, schools, other community partners), e-newsletters, presentations, park district closed circuit TV, health fairs, social-emotional learning lessons, and many more!


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