Dive In
Do you know LEAD?  We’d like to know you.  Our programs and events are designed to support parents and teens build healthy relationships and find alternatives to using drugs and alcohol.  As our kids get older, we stop talking to them about actions that can harm them.  We at LEAD are asking you to #DiveIn.  It’s time for all of us to be part of the solution.

The Ripple Effect: Being Mindful
Not sure where to start?  LEAD offers programming and educational seminars on topics including drug and alcohol prevention, prescription drug abuse, medical marijuana legislation & e-cigarettes.  We also bring in speakers and develop programming that will give you fresh ideas on parenting, negotiating the teen/parent relationship and how to maneuver through social media.  In addition to parent programming, LEAD also works with middle school and high school youth to offer safe and healthy community activities, educational programming and a 24-hour community text hotline.

Coming up for Air?  Need Support?  We Can Help!
Talking about drugs and alcohol with your kids isn’t easy.  That’s where we can help.  We’ve developed a series of conversation starters and talking tips to help you through these discussions.  You’d be surprised how effective a simple conversation with your child can be.  And when you share your beliefs on using drugs and alcohol, your child has a clear understanding of your expectations for him or her.

What is Prevention?
While education tries to change what people know, prevention works to change what people do.  For many years, prevention was synonymous with education.  While it is true that education is an important piece of prevention, there is another, hugely important piece to the puzzle – action!  Prevention only makes an impact when people take in information and then act on it.  LEAD strives to encourage people to take action and be part of the solution.

Our goal is to keep kids healthy and as our prevention approach has matured, we’ve learned one main thing– scare tactics don’t work.  Our approach focuses on positive messaging and calls to action.  We want our community to actively be part of the solution.

Prevention is a long distance race—not a sprint.  Our programs and events represent an ongoing process of education and best practices to continually keep our community aware of the current drug, alcohol and social trends that are affecting our youth.  Be a part of the prevention solution.  Be a part of LEAD!

SpeakUP! Prevention Coalition – www.speakupcoalition.org
The SpeakUP! Prevention Coalition is a grassroots community anti-drug coalition, managed by LEAD and funded by a Federal Drug Free Communities grant.  For the past 8 years, SpeakUP! has worked with all sectors of the Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood, IL communities on environmental change strategies to discourage underage drinking and drug use.  By collaborating with both adults and youth, SpeakUP! and its partners have significantly reduced the levels of alcohol and drug use among teens.  We are making a difference, and you can too! The choices you make with your time will matter to your children and to the community!  #DiveIn!