5 people, two in the middle holding a large novelty check for $15,000

Photographed from left to right: Cecilia Lanyon, Curator & Owner of the Gallery; Nicole Quick, Chief Advancement Officer, LEAD; Andy Duran, Chief Executive Officer, LEAD; René Romero Schuler, Artist; Mike Borkowski, President, LEAD Board of Directors


We are simply amazed.

On January 6th, local Artist René Romero Schuler gifted the entire proceeds from her “I’m Making Lemonade” art gallery to LEAD. Her generous contribution totaled $15,000.

LEAD is incredibly grateful to René and to everyone who attended the gallery and purchased her beautiful works of art. We are also indebted to The Gallery of Lake Forest, who hosted René’s exhibit during the months of November and December.

These proceeds will be of consequential impact to the communities we serve. Our mission to deliver youth prevention and mental health services is stronger because of René, The Gallery of Lake Forest, and everyone who participated in this one-of-a-kind event.

We thank you all!

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