Dear LEAD Community,

Since joining LEAD just over a year and a half ago, I’ve had the joy of being able to bring my two favorite skillsets together. Technology and prevention don’t often go together, but they do in my life and they do at LEAD. In addition to all of my responsibilities as Coalition Director, I quickly developed an affinity for LEAD’s other products and services like Text-A-Tip and technical assistance. I also shouldered 40% of LEAD’s 2019 speaking engagements, freeing up Andy to work on our overall vision and other strategic initiatives. All of this is to say that only a few months after I settled into my role, we realized my duties had outgrown my job description.

I am excited to be LEAD’s Chief Operating Officer. This will be a great opportunity to continue my self-appointed mission of getting-Andy-out-of-the-weeds-so-he-can-focus-on-the-important-stuff and also to prepare LEAD for growth. We have many fantastic programs, services, and tools and as demand grows for offerings like Text-A-Tip or our speaking and education programming we’ll need to bring more people onboard to continue to deliver the high level of quality we are proud of. It will be my pleasure to work with Andy, and the rest of our growing team to make that happen.
Nate Biggs, COO