Dear Friends,
In response to the Orlando Nightclub shooting, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network has developed resources to help families and communities respond.  We have chosen a select few below that we thought would help you make sense of this tragedy with your own children.

We hope you find these to be helpful.  If there is anything LEAD staff can do for you or your family, please let us know.  If you have any additional resources that you have found to be helpful, please let us know and we will add them to our website.

Youth Advisory Board
We are thrilled that we have received a number of applications for positions on our new Youth Advisory Board.  Our staff will be contacting applicants soon.  The application deadline is tomorrow, June 15th.  If you or your teen is interested in applying, and you need a few extra days, please let me know.  We are looking to schedule our first meeting sometime in during the next two weeks!  Online application can be found at this link.
Post Prom
You may or may not have heard, but we had nearly 200 students participate in our Post Prom event at Six Flags on May 14/15!  We are so excited that so many students participated, and we have big plans for the future.  Stay tuned!
A Way Out
“A Way Out” is a new law enforcement assisted diversion program designed to fast-track users to substance abuse programs and services.  This program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at participating police departments across the county. The Lake Forest Police Department is one of the “A Way Out” locations. The program ensures that no criminal charges will be sought for those that may be in possession of narcotics or paraphernalia, as long as assistance is sought out by the prospective program participant.  To put this a different way – if you or someone you know is dealing with substance use issues and is looking for a way out, please walk into the Lake Forest PD, or any of the other participating departments.  You will be taken care of.
“A Way Out” was developed by the Lake County Opioid Initiative, of which LEAD is a prominent member, in order to create additional treatment access points, reduce crime, reduce substance-related harms, re-frame the role law enforcement plays in community safety, and to unite the community.  For too long, substance use has been stigmatized and dealt with solely as a criminal issue, rather than addressing it is a public health problem.  We believe this program is an innovative way to create positive change in our community regarding substance use and mental health.  Participants do not need to be residents of Lake County to participate.
I am very proud of our staff’s participation in this program.  The video that was produced in conjunction with the news pieces that ran on NBC5 and ABC7 News were created in house by LEAD.  It is paramount that we spread the word on this very real problem that affects us all.  Together, we are seeking solutions in an effort to make Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and our entire county a better place for all our families.
Enjoy Summer!
Andy Duran, Executive Director