ONE LIFE: LIVE WELL is our community-wide campaign designed to create awareness for students, staff, and parents surrounding the importance of physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

OLLW will run the week of May 6-10.

Our campaign at LBMS will focus on the following areas:

Physical Health & Fitness

Healthy Decision Making

Stress Management


5/6:          “Stress Free is the Way to Be” (Wear Mismatched/Backward Clothing)

`                       *Mindful Monday Activity: Habits that help you Live Well.

*”When Life Hands You Lemons” guessing game & free lemonade @ lunch

*6th grade Bluffer Booster (bully prevention) during Fine Arts classes

*7th grade LFHS Lighthouse (depression awareness) during Life Skills

*CROYA Stress Ball event after school

*OLLW table tents @ lunch


5/7:          “Band Together” (Wear Bandanas/Headbands)

*Topic Tuesday Activity: Bluffer traits that help you Live Well.

*Life Skills videos regarding drug/alcohol prevention @ lunch

*6th grade Bluffer Booster during Fine Arts classes

*8th grade Recovery Panel (drug/alcohol prevention) during Fine Arts Classes

*OLLW table tents @ lunch

*Parent event: Adolescent Depression Awareness (Karen Swartz) at Gorton, 7pm


5/8:          Living Healthy is No Sweat”  (Wear Sweats)

*”Raisin’ Your Awareness” guessing game @ lunch

*OLLW table tents @ lunch

*Yoga workshop for students & staff during recess

*Staff event: OLLW activity at faculty meeting


5/9:          “Go for Gold” (Wear Gold)

            *Free Smoothies @ lunch

*OLLW table tents @ lunch

*Staff event: massages during lunch periods

*Parent event: Our Students’ Social World (Ty Sells) at LBMS, 6:30pm


5/10:        “Bobcat Pride” (Wear LBMS attire)

*AM Assembly: Ty Sells from Youth-2-Youth International

*Ty Sells activity @ recess

*OLLW table tents @ lunch